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Manage your business finances from one place

Access your bank accounts, monitor your cash flow in real-time, and forecast finances with ease. Spend less time on admin and more time focused on what matters – your business.

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Finance, simplified.

Save time & gain control over your finances

How it works

Seamlessly integrates with your banking tools

Airbank connects with 2,000+ banks in EU & UK. No switching required. Sign up in less than 10 minutes.

Trusted by users and experts

Cash Flow Insights ionicons-v5-a

Monitor finances in real-time

See your cash flow in real time. We’ve got answers to the questions keeping you up at night. Log in any time to check on your cash flow see your account balances and get the information you need to run your business.

Gain ultimate visibility into transactions

See key metrics in one place

Keep control over your business spend and finances

Monitor finances in real-time
Cash Flow Forecasting ionicons-v5-a

Forecast your cash flow with ease

Take the guesswork out of your finances and create reliable forecasts. Spend less time on Excel and more time focused on what really matters – your business.

Manage multiple entities from one place

Actuals vs. Budget in real-time

Put out fires before they start

Forecast your cash flow with ease
Accounting automation ionicons-v5-a

Streamline admin & bookkeeping

Most bookkeeping software is built for accountants. You’re not one of them. That’s why we’re here. Manage your bills and accounts in one place. Always know what invoices are still missing.

Automate receipt collection

One-click invoice reconciliation

Effortless collaboration

Streamline admin & bookkeeping

95% of customers say switching to Airbank is easy

Finance management for every business:

Startups & Technology companies


Consulting & Agencies

Retail & Manufacturing

Hospitality & Services


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Security standards

Highest data security & privacy standards

Bank-level security ionicons-v5-a

Airbank connects to your bank accounts through modern Open Banking APIs, regulated by PSD2. Every connection and payment request requires your explicit, SCA-secured authorisation, processed by your bank. This means that, without access to your bank’s authorisation method (e.g. password to e-banking portal, phone number), it is impossible to make requests on your behalf through Airbank. Needless to say, you can revoke data access at any time.

Hosted in Germany ionicons-v5-a

Airbank is hosted in datacenters located in Germany. This means maximum security, energy efficiency, and subordination to German privacy and data protection laws. In addition, we make use of a virtual private cloud (VPC) to achieve state-of-the-art protection against malicious users and data theft. We also regularly employ certified hackers to test and improve our security infrastructure and measures. You and your business are safe with us.

Custom roles & permissions ionicons-v5-a
FCA & SCI compliant ionicons-v5-a

Focus on what matters

Unlock the benefits of modern finance

How it works

Set up Airbank for free in less than 10 minutes


Link your bank accounts.

As many as you want. Choose from over 2,000 institutions.


Add team members.

Set custom roles and assign account permissions.


Enjoy real-time finance.

Manage cash flow, create forecasts, speed up bank reconciliation & much more.

Ready to get started?

Keep your business moving forward.

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