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Banking. Payments! Cash Flow? Only Airbank brings it all together to deliver a more modern, dramatically better banking experience that enables businesses of all kinds to manage their finances.

Why we exist

Every day, 200 million SEPA payments are sent all over Europe. And every day, thousands of finance professionals try to make sense of those payments, asking what they were, why they happened, and how to book them.

Airbank was born out of the observation that SMBs need more simplicity and better control when it comes to managing their finances. Bank accounts are the core pieces of financial workflows - everything runs through them. That is why Airbank decided to reinvent the way businesses interact with their bank accounts, as well as the value they can obtain from them. Airbank is the banking partner for startups and SMBs.

Our mission: All-in-one finance

Humans are capable of incredible acts of adaptation to pain. Business finances are a vivid example of it. Small companies fight to deliver value to customers, while still having to cope with the complexities and inconsistencies imposed by today’s finance tools.

We believe that the key is aggregation. Founders want a unified, standardized platform to manage their finances. A place that goes beyond raw data to offer intelligence and smart, value-added services. We are here to redefine how companies think about finances - from a patchwork of separate spreadsheets, systems and accounts to a unified environment.

Our team

Airbank was started by Christopher Zemina and Patrick de Castro Neuhaus with the vision of creating a unified cash flow experience for startups and SMEs.

Today, we are a rapidly growing team of engineers, product people and market developers who unite around the goal of simplifying business finances.

Our investors

Airbank is backed by some of the best early-stage VCs in Europe, including New Wave, Speedinvest, Tiny VC and Entrepreneur First.

Our customers

We’re proud to serve newly-founded startups, established tech companies, SMBs, and ecommerce brands alike, helping founders and their teams stay focused on what they care about most - their businesses.

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Careers: Build with us

Helping customers reach their potential starts with helping our team reach theirs. We equip our employees with industry-leading benefits, including remote work, competitive compensation, generous vacation time, and other perks to support their work. Based in Berlin with a remote-first setup, Airbank is growing quickly both in Germany and internationally.

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