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Automate receipt collection

Enjoy hassle-free bookkeeping. We automatically map bills to your transactions to help you close your books faster. Share access with your accountant or export all files to DATEV. Because you dreamed of running a business not being your own accountant.

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Accounting for business people

Most bookkeeping software is built for accountants. You’re not one. That’s why we’re here. Manage your bills and accounts in one place. Always know what invoices are still missing.

Accounting for business people

Stop chasing invoices

Never chase your co-workers for an invoice again. Airbank allows finance teams to tag team members to upload missing bills and receipts.

One-click reconciliation

Airbank matches bills with transactions automatically.

Automatic invoice fetching (beta)

Free yourself from mind-numbing bookkeeping tasks like searching for invoices. Our invoice manager takes much of the manual work out of keeping up with your books.

Automatic pre-categorisation

Say goodbye to tedious expense categorisation. Airbank automatically categorises each line item on your invoice to help you close your books 5 days faster.

Airbank syncs with your accountant

Airbank helps streamline collaboration with your accountant and make closing your books 5x faster. Share all invoices with your accountant or export all files to DATEV, Xero or Quickbooks.

Airbank syncs with your accountant

Continuous accounting

Updating the books daily helps avoid mismatched transactions or forgotten expenses.

Effortless collaboration

Tired of being asked what you spent €17 on three weeks ago? Five minutes a day is all it takes to keep your books clean 24/7.

One-click export

The export for the accountant is done in one click

Fully compliant

Doing things on Airbank means your books are compliant and ready for your monthly close

Speeding up the month-end close with accounting automation

When your business is your passion, don’t let data entry get in the way. Automated invoice capture, reconciliation and bookkeeping frees up your time so you can focus on the work that really matters.

Airbank makes financial management more efficient for both your business and your accountant.


Head of Finance at Growth-Stage Startup

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How it works

Better invoice reconciliation in three simple steps


Link your bank accounts.

As many as you want. Choose from over 2,000 institutions.


Add team members.

Set custom roles and assign account permissions.


Enjoy real-time finance.

Manage cash flow, create forecasts, speed up bank reconciliation & much more.

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