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There is a smarter way to pay your bills

Simplify bill payments with a comprehensive spend management platform that includes drag-and-drop invoice uploads, streamlined approvals and automatic bulk payments.

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Powerful bill payments

Easy. Fast. Secure. Simply drag and drop an invoice into Airbank or forward it via email and we will prepare a payment initiation pending your approval.

Powerful bill payments

Drag-and-drop invoice payments

Forget Manual Data Entry. Submit and pay bills as soon as you receive them through the Airbank app.

Streamlined approvals

Stay in control of payments with role-based permissions and approval workflows. Create a review and approval process for bills of any size.

Contact book

Simplify counter-party onboarding and save frequent recipients in your contact list to avoid having to enter the IBAN manually in the future.

Email uploads

Forward invoices from your email. We’ll take care of the rest.

Simplified bulk payments

Skip the tedious stuff and pay bills in the same place you manage your books. Release all payroll with the click of a button and enjoy the magic of bulk payments.

Simplified bulk payments

Pay bills, single or in bulk

We get that every bill counts. But we also know how much your time is worth. Airbank simplified payment operations with smart bulk payments.

Accountant bulk payments

Forget manual data entry. Ask your accountant to submit bulk payments like payroll, taxes and social security. Press one button to release all payments.

Schedule payments

Pay your bills on time while optimising your working capital. Plan your payments ahead of time with scheduled transfers, and mark them as done.

Reliable and secure

Airbank supports all common TAN-methods offered by banks, such as chipTAN, smsTAN, and pushTAN. Always keeping your money secure.

Consumer-grade experience for business finance teams

With Airbank, we monitor payments, expenses, and current cash position of all accounts in real-time. Our admin time for finance processes is by half, and we reconcile payments at the end of the month 7 times faster.

Airbank let’s you clear that stack of bills off your desk! We pay our bills on time without all the clutter. We see where our payments are, when bills are due, and our total income.


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How it works

Better bill payments in three simple steps


Link your bank accounts.

As many as you want. Choose from over 2,000 institutions.


Add team members.

Set custom roles and assign account permissions.


Enjoy real-time finance.

Manage cash flow, create forecasts, speed up bank reconciliation & much more.

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