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Forecast your cash flow with ease

Take the guesswork out of your finances and create reliable forecasts. Spend less time on Excel and more time focused on what really matters – your business.

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Powerful forecasting

Plan ahead with confidence and create reliable cash forecasts with ease. You’re always in control and free to manually input your own assumptions.

Powerful forecasting

Sync your forecasts

Replace your speadsheets and automatically update cash forecasts. Airbank continuously analyses your transactions and maintains your projections.

Improved decisions

Airbank shows cash crunches ahead of time, so you can act instantly: Defer a payment or collect receivables to have the cash when you need it.

Key metrics

Track key metrics in your finance dashboard. Airbank automates your business analytics.


The cash planning tool for startups. A free, visual tool to help you understand, manage and extend your cash runway.

Built-in controlling

Keep an eye on budgets and manage expenses along the business plan. Trace every single payment and compare deviations between actuals and your plan.

Built-in controlling

Actual vs. Budget in real time

Easily track your forecast and measure deviations in real-time.

Put out fires before they start

Don’t look back at the end of the month and wonder what happened. Keep a close eye on spending and cash flow on an ongoing basis.

Ditch spreadsheets. Plan ahead with confidence, even in irregular times.

Robertino Shoes’ many suppliers and irregular demand volumes during the pandemic called for exact liquidity planning. Using Airbank, Robertino Shoes now has instant insight into their current and future total cash position.

Gone are the days when we needed to spend hours modelling our cashflow forecasting in a spreadsheet. Airbank’s automated cashflow software helps us build an accurate forecast, that’s always up-to-date.


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How it works

Better financial forecasting in three simple steps


Link your bank accounts.

As many as you want. Choose from over 2,000 institutions.


Add team members.

Set custom roles and assign account permissions.


Enjoy real-time finance.

Manage cash flow, create forecasts, speed up bank reconciliation & much more.

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