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Cash Flow Forecasts

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Forecast your cash flow with ease

Take the guesswork out of your finances and create reliable forecasts. Spend less time on spreadsheets and more time focused on what really matters – your business.

Gamechanger - no more guessing on our runway and burn.

Magdalena Bauer, Chief of Staff

Powerful forecasting

Plan ahead with confidence and create reliable forecasts with ease. You’re always in control and free to manually input your own assumptions.

Effortless reporting

Report your finances without the heavy lifting. Export data to Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel or download it as PDF in one click.

Sync your forecasts

Replace your speadsheets and automatically update cash forecasts. Airbank continuously analyses your transactions and maintains your projections.

Measure deviations

Easily track your forecast and measure deviations in real time.

Improved decisions

Airbank shows cash crunches ahead of time, so you can act instantly: Defer a payment or collect receivables to have the cash when you need it.

Vendor analysis

It's easy to lose track of expenses. Find out which companies, vendors and suppliers you spend the most money with.

Avoid zombie subscriptions

Keep control of your subscriptions. Predict and plan for future spend. See all your direct debits and recurring payments, get notified of duplicate spend.

Account reconciliation

Close your books faster with automatic reconciliation. Airbank helps you automate transaction categorization, reconciliation and receipt matching.

Multi-entity support

If you operate multiple entities, you can switch in one click from a consolidated group view to a detailed view for each entity.

Improve transparency. Eliminate error-prone tasks. Here’s how.

Robertino Shoes’ many suppliers and irregular demand volumes during the pandemic called for exact liquidity planning. Using Airbank, Robertino Shoes now has instant insight into their current and future total cash position.

Multiple bank accounts made real-time insights into our total cash position or modeling future cashflows impossible. Airbank’s cash flow tab is a huge time saver each month.

Amir, Owner and Managing Director

Robertino Shoes

Easily connect your bank accounts. Here’s how.

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