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Cash Flow Insights

Manage your cash flow in real-time

Track your spending and drill into any transaction in real time. Leverage automatic categorization and make reconciliation a breeze.

All transactions right here instead of copy-pasting bank export data!

Dom Lambersy, Founder & CEO, TextCortex

Ultimate visibility

See your cash flow in real time. Don’t worry about updating your inputs in spreadsheets - it’s fully automatic.

Key metrics

Track key metrics in your dashboard and drill into details. Automate your business analytics and gain complete visibility.

Fewer moving pieces

One place for payments, bank transactions, limit controls, reconciliation, and more. Across all your bank accouts.

One balance

See your total cash position and compare balances across multiple accounts. Airbank aggregates your cash information for easy access and analysis.

Single sign-on

One login - Airbank allows you to set a password that works to access all your accounts. This is the most important aspect for protecting your account.

Team permissions & access rights

Add team members and set custom permissions for your finance team. Grant access to what is needed and stay in control of your accounts.

Transaction categorisation

Details matter. Receive intelligent insights into every transaction. Our categorisation engine automatically sorts all your transactions and allows you to zoom into expense categories.

Lightning-fast search

Unified search helps you to find specific transactions quickly. Search for a particular term, an amount, a recipient or a time frame.

Bank fee analysis

Never pay unnecessary fees again. We show you how much you currently pay and how to lower your bank fees.

Detect unusual spending

Get notified if recurring transactions suddenly increase spending or cash flow categories deviate from the budget.

Speeding up the month-end close with unified bank accounts

With bank accounts for every country they have an office in, end of month reonciliation was a dreadful task: Log into bank portal, download statement, and reconcile more than 2,000 transactions by hand. Every month!

No more waiting for the accountant! Now we close our books in under 3 days. Airbank’s DATEV integration works seamless. We saved a lot of money and wouldn’t ever go back.

Hanna, Head of Finance

Growth-stage startup

Easily connect your bank accounts. Here’s how.

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  • Enjoy real-time

  • A unified source of truth for
    your company’s cash flow.

and 2,000+ more

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  • ✓ All your bank accounts in one place
  • ✓ Real-time cash flow insights
  • ✓ Payment operations
  • ✓ Automated reconciliation

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