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Modern businesses use Airbank to streamline their finances

With Airbank, I can manage my finances easily in one place. The platform is intuitive and helps me stay organized.

Choosing Airbank was a no-brainer. It’s easy to set up and the support experience is unparalleled.

Carmine Paolino

Co-founder of FreshFlow

Airbank's savings insights are a killer feature. We were automatically notified of duplicative monthly recurring expenses costing us more than €500.

Also, I save so much time and energy on consolidating data to create reportings for investors and the bank.

Nina W.

Head of Finance and Treasury Operations

“Managing multiple accounts and services made it hard for us to see where our payments were, when our bills were due, and where we stood in terms of our income.

Maximilian Haas

Managing Director at ALPINA

Built for your business


Focus on strategic business partnering and simplify your AP and AR processes


Lower admin and capital cost, and enable your team to deliver on targets


Eliminate mundane tasks while scaling as your customers see growth


Our FinOps API allows you to scale payments according to your needs

Improve transparency. Eliminate error-prone tasks. Here’s how.

Robertino Shoes’ many suppliers and irregular demand volumes during the pandemic called for exact liquidity planning. Using Airbank, Robertino Shoes now has instant insight into their current and future total cash position.

Multiple bank accounts made real-time insights into our total cash position or modeling future cashflows impossible. Airbank’s banking tab is a huge time saver each month.

Amir, Owner and Managing Director

Robertino Shoes

Streamlining expenses and reconciling spend in half the time

As a producing company, each business process comes with company spend, receivables and bulk payments. With Airbank, we monitor payments, expenses, and current cash position of all accounts in real-time. Our admin time for finance processes is by half, and we reconcile payments at the end of the month 7 times faster.

No need for expensive card payments anymore with Airbank’s SEPA payment functionality! We see where our payments are, when bills are due, and our total income.

Magdalena, Founder & COO

Catering company

Speeding up the month-end close with unified bank accounts

With bank accounts for every country they have an office in, end of month reonciliation was a dreadful task: Log into bank portal, download statement, and reconcile more than 2,000 transactions by hand. Every month!

No more waiting for the accountant! Now we close our books in under 3 days. Airbank’s DATEV integration works seamless. We saved a lot of money and wouldn’t ever go back.

Hanna, Head of Finance

Growth-stage startup

No. 1 cash management solution for SMBs

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