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Frictionless payment operations

Speed up your business payments. Use Airbank for secure invoicing and bill payments, Accounts Receivable and Payable tools, and integrated FX.

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Mockup: Cash Flow Management

Manage Payables

Easy. Fast. Secure. Simply drag and drop an invoice into Airbank or forward it via email and we will prepare a payment initiation pending your approval.

Mockup: Cash Flow Management

Streamlined approvals

Manage payment operations across teams with role-based permissions and approval workflows.

Contact list

Simplify counter-party onboarding and save frequent recipients in your contact list to avoid having to enter the IBAN manually in the future.

Standing orders

Create standing orders and monitor their correct execution on Airbank.

Easy SEPA & FX payments

Make bank transfers from any account and to anywhere in the world from a single place, in a breeze.

Mockup: Cash Flow Management

Send money from any account

Send domestic and international payments from and to any bank account and currency.

Schedule payments

Optimise your working capital. Pay invoices when they are due with a scheduled transfer ahead of time.

Reliable and secure

Airbank supports all common TAN-methods offered by banks, such as chipTAN, smsTAN, and pushTAN. Your money is always secure.

Frictionless international FX

Send money internationally at the most favourable exchange rate. We route your payments to save you costs.

Streamlining expenses and reconciling spend in half the time

With Airbank, we monitor payments, expenses, and current cash position of all accounts in real-time. Our admin time for finance processes is by half, and we reconcile payments at the end of the month 7 times faster.

No need for expensive card payments anymore with Airbank’s SEPA payment functionality! We see where our payments are, when bills are due, and our total income.


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How it works

Manage your cash with Airbank for free in less than 10 minutes


Link your bank accounts.

As many as you want. Choose from over 2,000 institutions.


Add team members.

Set custom roles and assign account permissions.


Enjoy real-time finance.

Manage cash flow, create forecasts, speed up bank reconciliation & much more.

No credit card required

Ditch spreadsheets. Manage your cash flow with Airbank in minutes.

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