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  • Starter


    • 1 user
    • Connect 2 bank accounts
    • Access payment transactions
    • Export bank statements
    • Cash flow analysis
    • Expense and vendor reports
  • Premium


    per month and seat

    • Team permissions & workflows
    • Connect unlimited bank accounts
    • Access PayPal, Stripe & Shopify
    • Domestic and international payments
    • Integrate Slack and Google Sheets
    • Cash flow management
    • Expense and invoice manager
    • Airbank Treasury
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Feature Airbank Starter Airbank Premium
Connect to 2000+ banks
Single Sign On
Export individual statements
Lightning-fast search
Multicurrency accounts
Bank-level security
Automatic transaction categorization
Export consolidated statements
Team access and collaboration
Bank fee analysis
Cash flow management
Real time cash flow analysis
Cash flow timeline
Visualization of key metrics
Vendor analysis
Excel and PDF export
Accounting Integrations (i.e. Xero, DATEV, Quickbooks)
Revenue integrations (i.e. Stripe, Shopify, Paypal)
Custom categories
Expense scheduling
Cash flow forecast
Subscription mangement
Bank account reconciliation
Group consolidation
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Free domestic payments
Free international payments at interchange rate
Accounts payables management
Invoice management
Invoice and payments approvals
Standing orders
Scheduled payments
Payment reconciliation
Contact list
FinOps API
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